Surely "you" can't. However we, as dedicated programmers, have spent more than a year developing unreleased 0-day exploits towards the Facebook platform and their existing (very vulnerable) Graph API.

The reason our exploit remains hidden is due to the fact that we run all sorts of random Facebook accounts on our servers, which means that our malicious traffic can drive by undetected.

Naturally, we are in no position to claim that we're capable to hack whatever Facebook account we're asked to hack (more on this in the question below), however we are fairly confident in our exploits and have a proven track record of successfully hacking 71% of all queried Facebook accounts

Finally, to sum up: if you don't believe us then we're by no means holding you back. You're more than welcome to leave our website!

While we certainly are unable to make any up-front promises, our server logs show us that, as of current, we're able to successfully hack 71% of all Facebook accounts our users ask us to hack. The best thing to do is to head over to the account hacker and see for yourself.

Let's be blunt here. We're not providing this service free of charge for fun. While we don't charge anything to hack the account, we DO kindly ask you to fill out a survey in order to access the login details of the target account.

Note that we attempt to hack the account first and only IF we hack it we will ask you to fill out a survey. This is the fairest solution for both parties involved so that's how it works.

"I find it exceedingly frightening how one can access the Facebook account of his peer with little to no effort using Hayy."

Jason Glover - USA Today